Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On Cat, Mouse and the Bell

In the midst of the crises, the fellow mice asked the mouse to construct a bell and put it across the cat's neck. But the resources were scarce and if once the bell was made, then it could not be remold for any other purpose. Our mouse, feeling delighted by getting the opportunity and being concerned about his performance index (status quo) started working very hard to 'Bell the Cat'. Nights started looking like Days. He imagined not just belling the Cat, but being even powerful than the Cat itself. He was simply blown away with the performance anxiety, ceasing to be analytic, Alas! (How can a mouse out power a Cat?).

He built a great Bell, so powerful, so big that, it could be heard across kilometers. He thought he did it, barely so. :|

The D-Day came and our mouse was to bell it (cat) up and everyone gathered to see the Bell and the show (People watch a lot! They have all the time to do so:| ) Our mouse was overjoyed by his accomplishment but forgot to check the size and requirements of Cat's Neck. Maybe he did check, but he wanted the Bell to be nothing less than Grand. Ah! such a megalomaniac our mouse was. 

The Bell was so heavy that none of the Mice, not even our mouse could lift it up. The CAT came and ransacked their place. Misery prevailed. Our mouse though, somehow survived.

PS: The Parable is a work of Fiction but may resemble some event, person. Pragmatism is such a scarce commodity that even the most ambitious of the people, sometimes lack it. Any plan, should always be executed as per the requirements, no point being over ambitious, specially at stages which don't require us to be so.


CATability said...

Excellent writing! Captured the essence of CAT preparation - comprehensive planning and immaculate execution well! We just need to remember, CATs are vulnerable too; and that mice can be mighty too!

Anonymous said...

Pun-like storytelling. Reminds me of almost all the discussions we have had over last two years.