Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Backside of the Diary

Ten inspiring quotes/sayings/dialogues I scribbled on the backside of some random diaries I keep. Not at all the 'ten best ones' or even the 'assorted ones' but they make sense, each one of them.

#What you and I think of big money is loose change for them.
(Vinod Mehta, newslaundry on Mukesh Ambani)

#Its not what enters the man's mouth that is evil, its what goes out of it.
(Probably, Mahatma Gandhi)

#We call ourselves civilized but behave no less than barbarians when it comes to our self interests.
(Very common, isn't it?)

#Don't disturb the club. \m/
(Ah! Ever have a chance of saying it? Exclusivity isn't that common)

#You can buy a painting but you cannot say you painted it.
(Chetan Bhagat, money can't buy everything, stop flaunting!)

#Denials and Bans don't work in this country.
(I think its mostly for India) :(

#Don't hit 50 and still have the same friends you had in school/college.
(Exploring strangeness is not wrong, right?)

#Sometimes its more important to stop looking at Forests and start looking at tress.
(On importance of "Micro")

#If you don't stop being ordinary, you would never be extraordinary.

#Even a brand has to act like an Individual.
(Mostly from 'Built to last')

and lastly an extra one,

Companions of contemplation. :)
#There is a thin line between 'principles' and 'prejudices'.
_me (Think! how much principled/prejudiced we really are :-| )

I thought let me jot all these together, what better way than a blog post. :)

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