Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mohan Bhargav - I

A person who proved just enough, sometimes taking people by surprises. Performance to him was an experience and not a reward or a cull.  A man caught up between being an Idealist and a Pragmatic. A man of reason also behaving irrational at times, (who defines rationality anyways?)  :-| 
A person thriving to be a spiritual atheist, then succumbing to agnosticism, (he couldn't help being reasonable). To me, he was possibly the best combination of human behavior.  He wasn't just a stereotype, neither good nor bad, highly imperfect and perfect at the same time. To him, life was a journey to the unknown, or maybe known, who knows. He yearned to connect to reality, a million times, all in vain. For he became aware of Universe's conspiring(against/for him).  For he saw the universe in him then. He agreed in consciously carrying himself forward rather than living momentarily for small pleasures and rewards. To him the goal was to produce energy for others to rejoice, for he realized that he was the universe.

PS: Mohan Bhargav isn't the Indian immigrant at NASA, (he) is something else, though I am sure his resemblance in real space wont be that unnoticed. This is an experimental post in the domain of philosophical introspection. :-/  


Ankit Mehta said...

Beautifully written. Really!! Amazing and thought provoking!!

Anonymous said...

@Ankit: Thanks man.