Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Bookoholics: The meet-up"

Books have always been close to my heart (closer than sports, politics and computer gaming).
PS: “Bookoholics” is a door-delivery book library which has now evolved into a community club for intellects and book lovers, based at Surat.
A friend of mine, who had been to the group’s previous meets, introduced me to the concept and I got added to the group’s Facebook group. Here, everyone shared what they were reading (not formally giving book reviews though) and seek general info about reading-lists and interests. I definitely saw it more than just a library.
Well today was my first meet. Getting up to meet almost familiar people (through FB discussions) was rather comfortable. It was a varied mix of Teachers, Lawyers, Computer engineers and students from Politics to Biotechnology. The meet started off with a Lindau-meet returned Professor who shared his experiences of the meet and rather unusual comparison of Human values of The West with India. While the talks were going on, freshly prepared barbeques were served which added tastes to our senses. Later, there was talk on to Morality, which actually went on to become the central theme of later discussions. Lastly, a student talked about Politics, his anecdotal style playing pivotal role in his speech.
The mic then when astray with all members taking chance of introducing themselves and giving brief views about the meet’s central agendas.
Bookoholics, even it its present structure is a wonderful concept. A club that meets monthly and asks its fond members to take time out of their regular schedule for discussions on true consciousness and not just about moments that pass by. I am sure Surat isn’t in dearth of people who can turn up for such things, its only that we need them to know us.

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