Friday, May 21, 2010

"Wish you were here" Acknowledgments for Seniors at NIT

A Tribute to Recent Alumini:

Although at the time of entrance examination a JEE or an AIEEE guy burns equal midnight oil, but there lies a changed course ahead. At an NIT the number of inspiring-seniors is far less than at IIT or BITS, leave the infra, that’s quite ok!
Probably one of the best guides you can ever have when you enter NIT, and I say it again, an NIT. Here they are some great Intellects for whom I’ll always long, till I’m here, In the surroundings which we once shared, the Gyan which you taught me and the experiences you showered!

Harsh Shukla:

I was in my second year, when quite fortunately, I got my room in third-year dorms. It was a substantial knowledge-seeking-driven time. In late 2009 when this guy came to our Dorm to address juniors about DAAD, the German Student Exchange Program (he was the first SVNITian to make it through it all by his own). He remarked, in his small seminar that, “Guys! This is not for MBA or IIM driven students, only those people interested in real Sci-tech , stay!”
But captivated, lay every one and none left the room. He talked about his own branch, ie. Electrical Sciences and the interests, along with the amenities that were provide, the financial aid and the requirements in Germany. He said he saved lotta money by cooking food by his own, and went to Paris too. ouaahhh!!! (Yeah its not that hard, either!)Later through several chat process and messages we met at, Nescafe and had some fine discussions on GRE and Germany.
At personal level I loved his presence, and his true respect for a technology driven society. He exhibits an imbibed shadow of European style of talk-n-walk, generosity and simple living.

Mohit Bora:

I had seen this guy, when I was a fresher, mostly because of the glowing white complexion [Oh sorry sir I know this isn’t any way to give an intro :)P ] Well this guy is one of the most noblest-tech-guy on campus to know about. I loved talking to him for hours on some of very out-of-the-common-day topics, like the ultimate reality of human existence and like sorts. I met him for the first time at a seniors room when I went for some work related to Techpedia (discussed later), with whom he was associated as a starting member. He was happy to see someone (ie. me) from Uttranchal, his home-town and it seemed we were poised to be not just good acquaintances but great friends.
One of the most non-regular NITian, who laid stress to watch documentaries and read novels from Narmad-Library rather than continuing one season after season of Priso-B, Heroes or HIMUM ....
Quite an unusual quality of quoting finest examples, which comes after a lot of mature reading, was worth appreciating always. One or two I better mention..
Imagine a god has given you a superb quality car, which can even start in its 5th gear and everyone around you is driving that car (the same is provided to them too). So coz everyone is driving it in 5th gear and zooming hard, you‘ll also do this, and everybody will do that, saying that why not me when everyone else in doing the same. BUT! Wait had it been so, then why had god-provided us five gears or rather four gears before the final one?
This is an exact analogy to the prevalent trend of Entering IIMs, immediately after BTech or Graduation, Hold on guys! have some experience first and then try to know whether you even want to go there or not. This rat race is a bull shit!
He also notified a point that people also get fascinated by the infrastructure of foreign universities rather than technology. And the ultimate example of teaching a dog Differential equations or Fourier transforms was hilariously content.
And with all those unstoppable discussions the night ended and we parted, only to remain great friends a meet again. Miss you Bora Saab!

Hiranmay Mahanta,

Action speaks louder than words, or words speak louder than actions?
I guess its true both ways, for you’ll know if you be with this guy, one of the most ‘big’ svnit alumnus till now and times to come.
I remember meeting him for the first time at my own hostel in first year, when being Convenor of our Techfest, Mindbend he had come to deliver participation syndrome and infuse tech-enthu into the fresh junta.
The man behind ‘Techpedia’, an online database-venture funded by a sub-organisation, Sristi at IIM-A. The site aims at bridging the gap between the academic and industry by making available the final year technical projects of B Tech and MSc. Students to the industry with proper database behind the screen workouts, thereby creating technical wealth of this country.
He had always inspired me to work for our Institute and then after a time, focus on own to forge ahead. The best part was that he was available 24- hours, and our most fruitful meetings used to start at 2 in midnight.
The basics of how to make better presentations to the personal id of APJ , all the info was of great help, and unlike his many batch mates he had a ego-less personality which gained huge respect in very short time amongst juniors and the faculty. You will surely inspire a generation to come!
One of my personal favourites, he has surely made significant contributions to my life as a whole, miss you guru, and I wish you all the best for your future endeavours in the field of Management and Education.

Some lines:
This isn’t ‘this-is it’!
For the times we’ve been together,
Had been memorable

From tech, life and management,
You taught me the requirements.

The grey-less shadows you casted,
For me to follow and rejoice
In my heart or brain,
Will forever be pasted

This isn’t ‘this-is-it’!

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