Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Intricacy of technical sabotage

For me, getting into an NIT (National Institute of Technology) was always not less than a dream. However, not very late though I realized that it wasn’t all about ‘technology’ which spells here. Seniors, all of them like a herd getting their well sought after technical brains dumped in solving mere Cat Sample Papers for not days but months. Irony isn’t it?
They, it seems have forgotten all their 14 years of efforts to be a good engineer/scientist. As if engineering is just a degree before IIMs just like BA, B. Com. The Govt of India spends millions in subsidising these technical Mecca (NITs) only to make sure that the money the students saves by paying less fee goes to n no. of coaching institutes who teach basic maths, english, how to sit and how to sleep etc. Irony isn’t it?
Sometimes I just don’t find any usage of a B-school, simply nothing. The monetary hype these schools have generated will make India completely insufficient in technical brainpower, which actually is the mainstay of any economy for that matter. The World Wars were only possible because of the technical might of various nations, and now its the scientific technology only which is powering and sustaining the world nothing else, simply nothing.
I hereby warn each and every student who aims to be a good scientist/engineer to stick to his goal of being the same and create a sense of patriotism which brings about the much needed scientific revolution in this great nation INDIA.


Anupam said...

You do realise that having an MBA with a technical background is good from both the management and technical points of view, don't you?
You cannot have people doing M.Techs after their B.Techs.. It's a meaningless course.. whereas an MBA adds a new dimension to a person's education, at no point of time, subtracting anything from his technical knowledge...

Anonymous said...

Bro, are u into the spirit with which I wrote the article or simply dropped off some keywords?
Read the italics again, that part should me a lot to you!

Tushar said...

Oye, I thought you were speaking to me somthing about IIM by 25.

Anonymous said...

Aah... I am hurt... But I agree to an extent