Friday, May 14, 2010

Internship : The IIT B Experience

Learning never stops, and especially when you work in environment like the NANO-FABRICATION LAB at the electrical department, here at IIT-B. The lab is partly funded by US Based Applied Materials and the Govt of India and is one of India’s finest research facilities in the field of Thin Film coating, VLSI fabrication, and Solar PhotoVoltaics. The team of young research scholars, the great and experienced professors works in tandem with visiting scientists from various centres like, BARC,TIFR, PRL etc. The very first sight was not more than a dream come true, from the modern biometric access to dedicated lab culture.
My professor, Dr. B M Arora, who has headed the Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics at TIFR, a true gentleman, is making noteworthy contributions in processing innovative lab manufacturing and guiding various JRFs, PhD, and Post Doc Students along with the summer interns.
I met Karthik who was working as a JRF after his undergraduate studies (from Anna University) under Proff Arora in the field of Coatings and also Conductivity measurements of metal-semiconductor junctions. He arranged a guided tour of the lab for me and explained and tested my concepts. On that note, I realized that working here would mean to be really demanding both in terms of the concepts and hard-work.
You are totally surrounded by people of great intellect, who don’t bother to eat or drink till they are satisfied by the experiment results. Within two days I went so busy that even I relied on only Maggie and NesTea, which was available alongside the Deptt for hours..
Very soon clarifications will come out, as to what exactly will be my area to work on and the project title and with this note I’ll be back again, with more to speak of the work and the temperament.


Vipul Kheraj said...

Good to hear abt your experience and your readiness to work hard..... I am sure; this will be a great experience for you and also a booster dose for your interest and carrier in research…… All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sir,
Will keep up to the words.