Thursday, March 25, 2010

China .cn

Google's withdrawal.. has from the beginning been implicated in Washington's Political games with China.

Well whatever it is, as for us Indians, It gives India an opportunity to provide an attractive alternative business destination.
The Indian "Intellectual Property Rights, (IPR)" like the Chinese are not entirely problem free and need to be revisited, nor do we have the extent of broadband penetration needed to require the kind of these multinational Companies require(as cited in detail in my earlier article.)
But Err.. we are being muddled by the hierarchy but implementing the capital-intensive broadband laying rather than quicker and less expensive wireless networks.

Guys, rise! help address the problems and take advantage, as its high time to realize that its not ethics but big business which is speaking here.

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MAHENDRA said...

Seems India will keep sleeping...
Nothing to worry boss, we cant make the difference, if Shashi tharoor and Chetan bhagat blog posts are unheard too.. what are we?