Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Govt to Invest 18K Crore in Broadband Connectivity

The Global Innovation Index has seen India falling another 13 places, & one of the reasons cited is lack of availability of broadband. It actually is an irony that internet penetration is so limited and of mere speed in a country that prides itself on its IT prowess and that its telecom success stories. Broadband internet has the capacity to accelerate growth and facilitate socio-economic change by improving service delivery to the people.

What is being done?
The govt plans to spend Rs18K crore in the span of next three years in laying five lakh fibre-optic cables and reach every gram panchayat. The infrastructure company will be carved out BSNL, PGCIL, and RailTel all three PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings)

So what’s wrong in it?
This plan may be, needlessly expensive. Laying fibre optic cable across country is both time consuming and costly. The better alternative is to pursue wireless broadband connectivity.
According to the International Telecommunications Union, there are more mobile than fixed broadband users in the world already. It would be wise to invest in developing wireless internet networks, with cellular penetration crossing 50% marks globally and in India.

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Hemendu Joshi said...

finally govt. has dwelled in this long ignored issue. Surely it 's going to b a tool in the cherished route of developed india in 2020