Monday, February 22, 2010

Saputara Springs

“ATM Receipt Dated 16th Feb
Account holder’s Name: Neeraj Pandey
Avbl BAL: Rs 600
Withdrwal: Rs 0 ”

Indeed, this was the most adventurous and cool weekend in past all times of my college life (despite of my available balance).
I was talking to akash, discussing my intentions to visit Ranthambore National Park upon which he made faces showing his light wallet. Arrived Saturday and our exams went concluding. Our unfortunate no-net connectivity in dorms left us with no-Google option for Vibrant Gujarat destinations. Meanwhile, Saputara as was recommended by some of mine civil-engg peers was a, can-be looked-at-option.
For a end moment decision one doesn’t needs million people’s suggestions and I thought to have a small group for the weekend trip for our finally agreed desti, Saputara, a Hill station near Gujarat-Maharashtra border.

The Auto and the Bus Moves:
Finally we had six Bag-packs DJ, Khandelwal, Senti, Mmhenndra, Bharat and none other than me.
“We dined near station, and went to bus stand
For hours...
With eyes closed, and hands in hand!”

“Yaar next bus to jaegi hi, Abey Yarr!!!
Yarr Next wali honi chahiye......
Look another’s one is coming...
Get in guys, Fast!”

Now with recently rejuvenated marooned moods (because of 4 hours wait) we got into the bus and got seated, unfortunately uncomfortably for the next couple of hours.
With the usual bus junta (Indian), busy in snoring, we could not sings songs at least and found ourselves doze and dizz. The bus halted, to have its tea-time manorajan at a roadside chai-wala.
We had our, some of it and some of that!
Some of the first sights were not less than a delight, the jungle-feel, the upraised hills, tribal habitations. After some four hours we were there! And yes we were there!
The main entrance had a big square, with four roads as four options....First road leading to the boating lake, second to the chain of hotels, third to suicide and sunrise point and other to the bus station. The hunger led us to nearby dhabas, restaurants and took brunch and beverages.
We then entered The Museum and Aquatarium, it was damn cheap!
Taking pics was a high priority at every spot(for details visit my facebook/orkut account).Boating lake was one of India’s cleanest and largest, for sure, we spent some hours there before getting dehydrated, which led us to drinks-stand. Now, it was time to visit the Sunset point and the thrill of Ropeway and we hired a TATA-sumo for mere bucks (yes unlike other tourist destinations saputara is indeed cheap).
Nothing can be as trilling, than you in a trolley hanging 500ft above plains! I don’t know why but when we came back from the ropeway, we saw the queue getting a lot longer, god! We reached on time, else we had to be in that damn line! We then went to Echo-point which wasn’t that efficiently working and was more of a natural structural beauty. We shouted like hell, ran here and there fighting and playing like anything, everyone.
The final phase was done in quite a hurry manner and we rushed to get into the bus which also was in hurry. It stopped in between, while our way back to Surat and we got out of it to have tea and a glimpse of the ongoing match of India vs South Africa. Meanwhile, we missed the waterfall and the Wildlife Sanctuary on the way back. Alas, had we not to get into college prior to in-time!

Towards the end we had a database of 1 GB of pics/videos and 1 TB of memories and fun which will never be erased or over writed. Every moment was raw and unexampled, a shiver in itself.Upon reaching surat, I went to The Pastry Point (upon DJ’s Suggestion), and had my manchurian roll, took the auto and slept like anything.... (abhi abhi utha hun yaar!!!

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MAHENDRA said...

Nice jottings...
I just saw it, relived-every moment again...
miss those days....
Boating...Fishes...Gals...Couples...Bus..and Bus Stands!!!