Friday, February 12, 2010

Confessions of being an Ambitious ‘junior’.....beta

Reference of context: NITs / Technical & Scientific education

Why not begin this write-up by saying that the very expected, honoured and criticised post that I behold at scosh(science student committee @ NIT Surat) is worth its adjective-value. It will be hard to find areas where my college cannot be better-ed. Be it the Institute’s poor looking canteen or its Wikipedia presence, everything is actually an 'uncomplicated and elementary child’s play'.

We (you as well as me)have put our 14 damn years to have schools completed to become Engineers/Scientists , in a way serve this world with our very basic purpose of getting educated, ‘by Technology’. If this is not wrong then how on earth can you imagine yourself sitting with your wives/husbands and getting a call for your boss, who asks “Dude, how many soaps today?” and damn you reply , “Boss, I got 100s of them sold”. wt*(Pardon for expressional error)!

I don’t know the exact stats but in our NIT (‘Never an Intuitional Technocrat ‘/ ‘No Interview in Technology’) more than 80 percentage of guys write this recently-upgraded-through-technology exam, CAT. I guess either they forget all that they have studied for 6 years(#include<11,12th>;) or are seriously misguided. In a way, this rat race is actually doing no good, especially if we look the technical requirement of our country, India.

Well, I sympathies to the final year guys (and one day I too would need sympathy) for their craving for a ‘Second Degree”, for this is NIT after all and we cannot see our Insti’s Notice-Boards with Internship notices from Imperial College or our Training department mailing Google to visit the campus. In a way this college itself limits our ambitions despite, that the only difference between us (me) and a guy sitting in an IIT dorm is, of some Physics or maths problems. Gosh! Why this world does isn’t stable?

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