Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back From NC

The Poem was written while I was coming back from Night Canteen at around 2am,alone(was good to be so,as I could've not written this piece otherwise).
I don't know why it took me this long to get on Blog?
Maybe Having a DELL really helps!

This Poem uses the direct use of some college centered illustrations and premises (Sorry for non NIT Surat Readers).

Its late in the night,
with tea in my hands,
and court in the sight

I could have taken a can of tin,
Well, here goes my cup off to bin!

The road is full of voids,
I wish the stars just fill'em up

Far is 8,even farther is 9,
But its just a descent of time,

Cycles lay under the cycles of rest of motion.
Handful of friends lay too, in the cycle of
rest and motion,

And now I wonder b'coz of these stairs,
Oh! my bare legs would've to bear

The tube a still on , but my lamp gently weeps,
and mates, covered, sleeps!

Its late in the night and now dimmer is my sight.

Thanks for following till the end and for them who ponder what NC is its, night canteen.


Prat........ said...

nice 1...
i got lost between the lines 4 a moment...
coming straight out of the heart...

Akruti said...

nice poem but just make it a lil bigger nxt time.......
but all in all gud one

Anonymous said...

Will Try Listening to suggestions!

Vikesh said...

Nice. I like your simplicity and straight-forwardness though I like the cryptic ones of Pink Floyd too. Anyway, it's a pleasure reading yours.