Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Parallel World!

The fact thatAliens are alienated in this world is actualy, wrong.Offcourse one the most unanswered mystery of the world requires astronomical amounts of convinving attempts!
Let me try to put before you all an alternative viewpoint at the world of aliens.
Peolple from around the world and from our India too lay claim to have spotted UFOs, unusual pugmarks,mysterious artifacts and etchings in and around the past.So what does that mean?Are they lying, just adding more to this seemingly fictional creation....?
No, offcourse Not!
I agree that nearly 50% of the news, articles,footage,vedios or photos shown on telivsion or elsewhere is nothing but mere computer generated fantasy.Now, not keeping you @ bay with what I think about Aliens, Lets start...

"Due to the inevitable bursting of the sun(during its last stage), the Earth will be burned to flames.Gradualy after millions year later under influence from some other energy sources the life on Earth will start once again, from the scratch.Subsequently another Human Race will evolve,but with an exception.
This time this evolved race will gain control over time ie. they'll be successfull in building a 'Time -Machine'.I don't deny that its not a joke to buid a Time Machine, but I restate my point that this race will be altoghether,far more advanced than Our present mindsets.
While they'll perform excavations Earth,they'll find reamins of the human-race.Fascinated by the devolopments of our time, they'll plan a visit back in time to visit our race, therby, accidently leaving thier belongings on to us."
To be precise, these Aliens are nothing but the future humans who know how to travel time, thier biggest asset!
I have not gone the Hard core Mathematical or Technical way to prove this assumption, but rather given an alternative viewpoint with a potential to put an end to this mystery!
I wish the Fantasy continues.......


G@g@n said...

Loved ur point of view..perhaps, its 1 of the most logical theories!
Hatts off to Einstein Jr.!

Rachit said...

perfect thinkin buddy .. move on ..!