Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Age Relationships

There are very few ads which you like at the first instance you see them. They are slightly ahead of their time, if not a real portrayal of the present. It then gets even better when they get discussed by masses (become newspaper articles or long social threads), while you thought you were the only one who subtly and quietly liked them. 

              A new Airtel commercial has come up with a fresh idea of betting on the Woman Boss. 

The ad portrays, how these days, couples are handling life and relationship together. Girl, here, has been shown having an upper hand, being the boss, has brought out the issue of woman empowerment (an issue I was dealing with in my previous Job, though in rural India). The times now are such, that a woman can no longer just work but can even be a boss, a breadwinner, not just craving for an equal footing. Education has done wonders. Who would've thought of it a hundred years ago in India? The pallu/duppatta clad aunties and didis which were there a generation prior to mine, have now been, in fair amount, taken over by Jeans or Suited screen scrolling ants, busy doing something. Take no offence, reader, this doesn't meant the earlier ones weren't good or something. I am only stating the observations on the social metamorphosis I see. On second thoughts, it wont be wrong to ask whether if, the Boy were to get back home first, would be have done the same? How easy it is for the boy to welcome this change of status quo, of him being the Junior? Has our society been overburdened/altered by professionalism? How do we actually see 'time-for-each-other' as an issue these days? What about the Work Life balance?   

The ad entails a realistic optimism and brings out a fresh take on relationships these days! I wonder, who was the first person who really came up with this and what the team presentation discussion it would have generated.. 

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