Friday, July 11, 2014

Let us ask ourselves

The set, here, has a tinge of grave satire if not outright criticism towards a lot which is going on around us and which includes us. While we, as individuals, live and make all sorts of behavioral perceptions about the world and live to justify them, we fail to understand that these perceptions live on, even after we are dead. What importance do we give to the implications of our thoughts and mindsets can have a lot to answer about the problems we face today, as a race. I hereby attempt to figure out few fundamental questions we can ask ourselves, answers to which will generate nothing less than credos for a better world. 

Non-Philosophical (More likely to be implemented by this generation):

1. What/(Who) drives the world? Is it the Government or the Industrialists? Also, who makes the bigger impact?  
2. Why are people, in their respective firms or professions so excessively proud about their justifications to be where they are and what they do? 
3. Why do we love someone, even, if required, at the cost to hate(or kill) someone else? How then is the whole definition of love justified?
4. Why do most of the people depend on others for their live's progression and at times survival? What stops them from realizing their potential and their duty to solve their own problems? 
5. How do people believe in the claims of the 'History of Religion'? Is it this easy to be-fool humans or keep them organized under one specific belief-system, which will usually refuse to believe in other such systems? 
6. If every one is taught the ideals of honesty,love and integrity in schools why do people end up blasting airplanes, raping young girls and crucifying ordinary souls? What use is such a schooling system of? How can we match the wrong people with right ones?

Philosophical (Less likely to be implemented by this generation):

1. What is our Cosmic Context? It appears Physics is far away from providing validated answers, only axioms run the show. 
2. Is there any account of the problems humanity has created vs the solutions it has to offer? A road-map which shows where we are heading?   
3. If our birth is everything which defines us, what can be in store through our death? What if someone refuses to live altogether? Will he be any different from the best man(or perhaps the best raccoon) alive?
4. Why do people prefer ignorance over knowledge? 
5. If the only thing which Wars justify over the destruction they entail, is the protection of national sovereignty, then why can't we just get rid of borders altogether? Isn't there a tremendous possibility that such a trivial justification can pop up every now and then?
6. How can we have such a persisting inequality? Justifications aside. 
At the heart of The Capitalist(Growth driven/Wealth creation) Economy lies a fundamental worry, that which asks everyone to be concerned just about themselves(their self interest). Is Capitalist Economy, perhaps the best theory (ever) which actually explains animal behavior? 

While I ponder, the merciless killings, the exploitation behind the veil of economics, border shelling, majoritarian outrage and unfathomable resource usage across the globe will only continue to be a normal occurrence

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