Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Young girl and a map"

Kids are pure. Their minds slowly evolve towards the complexities of this large world.
Standing at a stationery shop, I asked for a writing pad. I observed a young girl came from behind and asked for India's map. She wanted 2 of them. 
Sometimes its good to see young people involved in studies, creative work, talking about science, their country. Never would one find a child discussing about such things for the sake of it. They do so with genuine curiosity, with feelings. They represent our future but somehow scripting their own future later in life, they hardly remember that they were meant to be not just their's but societies's future. Most of them, ungrow

She handed over a Rs 5 coin, the coin she was carrying in her hand to the owner. 2 maps were to cost Rs 4 so he handed her another map, thinking she will take 3 for Rs 5. She asked for Re 1 and handed him 1 map back. Perhaps, she didnt understand that she was about to get a good deal, another map for just Re 1. 

I smiled at the shopkeeper and said it is us who teach them to mend ways, they are willing to follow rules. He grinned but couldn't say anything and girl, she slowly faded away with her maps. 

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