Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Path and the Purpose

"We all have a purpose, the purpose is to find out who we really are."

My involvements with Physics and NIT have been a lesson worth sharing, something which generally people do not consider as their cup of tea. Well, its not a cup of tea for me either. Physics isn’t all about learning how the universe works. Its actually miles different from that queerer statement. To give an idea, we have mapped only about 2% of the real mathematical universe (and we thought making it to NASA was the biggest achievement of our lives) plus our understanding of a “Subatomic Model” is still unclear (and we though making it to CERN was the biggest a….)
                        "Physics isn’t a professional entity, it’s a bit religious." -Neeraj Pandey
It ultimately takes the shape of either abstract mathematics or philosophy. It requires a dedication of an at-a-stretch involvement with huge physical sacrifices, something quite similar with religious people.
               There are two ways you can serve the world. One, by continuously walking up the path of “Research” hoping, someday you’ll have your own Eureka moment. Second, stay simple! Take your tools and get into the world, meaning, consider the fact that the world can as well be made a better place with the present state of available technologies and resources. Use them and make a difference. The latter is a sense of realization not merely a thought, which came to my mind only after venturing into the former. I find the world pretty simple. It has very simple needs, very simple problems and requires very simple solutions. All our scientific ordeals (however small in reality they are) take us one step closer to those simple issues.
With this in mind, I hope, I will take the path more taken.

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